How fast are the lanes?

The conditions of the tubing lanes are dependent on many factors. How cold has it been? How cold is it now? The general rule is the colder it is, the faster the hills. As it gets warmer, the slopes can soften and slow down. Does it mean you shouldn't come when it's warmer out? Not at all! Come on over. You'll have a great time.

Is there an indoor facility to warm up?

Our Pro Shop and Clubhouse is open to tubers. Inside are restroom facilities and the Pro Shop will have a variety of snacks and drinks. Additional restrooms are available outside.

What about food and drinks?

Our Miner's Pub Restaurant is open and ready to serve bar food as well as full meals. A children's menu is available. The bar is open for adults 21 and over. The Miner's Pub is limited to 100 patrons on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the restaurant for patrons ordering food as there are other areas for visitors to take a break. There is an additional snack bar located in the tubing shop lobby for grab & go items.

What If I don’t want to go tubing but my kids do?

You are welcome to sit back and watch while your kids are tubing. You do not need to buy a ticket if you are not using the slope. However, a responsible adult must stay on the property for any children tubing age 15 and under.

My child is small. Can they go tubing?

Children must be at least 40” tall to ride the large hill. There are two starter slopes available that begin further down the hill. These are perfect for younger children and adults who want to ease into the experience. Adults can daisy chain tubes with their children but everyone must be in their own tubes. Linking tubes is dependent on conditions.

Do I have to walk back up the hill?

We have two tow ropes that will pull you and your tube up to the top of the hill.

Are credit cards accepted?

We accept most major credit cards.

I’m a season passholder. Do I need to check in each time I come?

Yes, you will need to pick up that day’s color-coded lift ticket.

What is appropriate attire?

You are encouraged to wear good, outdoor clothing. Warm boots, a warm coat, hat and gloves are suggested. Snow pants are highly recommended if you will be spending the day.

Where should I park?

Parking is available right next to the tubing hill, restaurant and Pro Shop. Overflow parking is available on busy days with a shuttle transport to the facility. On busy days, we will have parking attendants to assist you.

Can I bring my own sled or tube?

Only tubes provided by Iron Valley Tubing are allowed on the slope.

How will I know if you are open for the day?

If there is bad weather, either too warm or too snowy and we feel we need to close the course for safety, we will announce it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You are also encouraged to call ahead if you are unsure of conditions.

How long will I wait in line?

We have a maximum of 15 lanes available for tubing. Most days there should be a minimal wait if any.

Do you have facilities for a birthday or private party?

Yes we do! Please call at 717 279-7409 to get details and request a date.

Do you have group/fundraising discounts?

We offer group discounts perfect for schools, churches and other organizations. We can also help with fundraising. Please call at 717 279-7409

Are you hiring?

You are welcome to fill out an application for employment. We will notify you of any open positions.