Tickets, Specials & Groupons Purchased Online

The promotional value of these online purchases expire at the end of the season they were purchased in. Typically the end of season is sometime in March due to the weather. If you do not use your online purchase by the end of the season, what you have purchased essentially becomes a gift certificate. What this means is, as required by law, we will honor your item at Face Value. Example: If you purchased a 4 Person Special for $84, we will honor a $84 discount off of regular priced tickets the next season. Your promotional value has expired but, what you paid will be usable the next season as a discount.

We will do this for all UNUSED Tickets, Specials & Groupons that were purchased through our website. You will still need to bring your barcoded item to registration to get the discount. We still need to redeem them with our software to apply the discount. We are not responsible if you lose your information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page if you are planning to make a purchase.